What is it?  A moon toy. What would the moon look like if we terraformed it?

Version: 0.1

Made with:  Godot 3.5.1.

How?  It's a shader slapped on a quad in a 2D scene.  Everything is being done at the pixel level.

Important!  Make your browser tab 100% full screen while the demo loads or it won't look great.

Press H to show mouse and keyboard controls.

If you have a poor frame rate, press D to cycle down to lower resolutions.  You'll get better performance using the Windows or Linux builds.

If music isn't playing, click inside the browser window to activate it.

Clouds are janky at the moment, because I couldn't figure out how to project them seamlessly without polar distortion.  I tried a static equirectangular noise texture but it didn't look as good as the pixel shader clouds.

Save a screenshot by pressing S while running. This works in the Linux and Windows builds, but there's a bug with Godot HTML builds where the glow gets blown out in the saved image.  Instead, hit ESC when you want to take a snapshot.  This will freeze/end the game, but you can right-click and  do a "save image" from Chrome's popup menu to save a perfect screenshot of your moon.

CC0 music by Koi-discovery (modified by me).


moonshot.win_v0.1.zip 39 MB
moonshot.linux_x86_64_v0.1.zip 40 MB

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